Hobby Classic 500

Comfortable, large and beautiful trailer dacha Hobby Classic. The trailer is designed for 4-5 beds, has a built-in toilet, a refrigerator (12 / 220V, gas), gas heating, a gas stove, closets and shelves in large quantities and air conditioning. The trailer is also equipped with a comfortable tent tent for the entire length of the trailer, in which 4 more people can easily fit in for the night.

Eifelland 415

Compact and lightweight Efelland 415 caravan. Layout: in front of the caravan there is a folding bed for 2 people. Behind the caravan is a dining and dining area, transforming into a double bed. The toilet and the shower tray are also located behind the mobile home. The kitchen and gas heating are located in the middle.

What heating systems are there in motorhomes?

Heating systems in motor homes and trailers cottages are divided into several types: According to the power source: gas, electric, liquid fuel. According to the coolant options: air and liquid. Gas heaters include trademarks of Alde, Truma, Primus brands. The advantages of gas heaters are that natural gas is more economical than electricity and liquid fuel, and also more energy efficient.

Wooden caravans

New fashionable caravanning of America - wooden houses on wheels! Retrailer - rent, sale, maintenance of campers and trailers, motor homes and caravans trailers. 14 photos have been added to the photo album “Wooden houses on wheels”, so far the album has been viewed by 3211 people.

Wooden motorhomes

Private projects of wooden houses, mounted on a truck chassis from different countries. Retrailer - sale, rent, spare parts for summer cottages and autocars. 14 photos have been added to the photo album “Wooden motorhomes”, to date, the album has been viewed by 2,231 people.